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Friendly match: Kenia vs Diables Barcelona

Posted on Thursday, 25 Nov 2021

Friendly match:  Kenia vs Diables Barcelona

Team announcements for Thursday, 25 November

The gates open at 16:30 for the friendly match between Kenia and Diables Barcelona.  The action in Toyota Stadium kicks off at 17:30. 


  1. Joseph Nyagol
  2. Bonface Ochieng
  3. Patrick Ouko
  4. Brian Juma 
  5. Thomas Ongera
  6. George Nyambua
  7. Fidel Oloo
  8. Stephen Jumah
  9. Barry Young
  10. Darwin Kinyangi
  11. Derrick Ashihundu
  12. John Okeyo
  13. Peter Kilonzo
  14. Andrew Matoka
  15. Isaac Ikigu

  1. Eugene Sifuna
  2. Ian Karanja
  3. Ephraim Oduor
  4. Bethwel Muteshi
  5. Elkeans Mukamiti
  6. Brian Maragwa
  7. Vincent Owino 

Diables Barcelona

  1. Martin Oosthuizen
  2. Khwezilokusa Mkhafu 
  3. Bart le Roux
  4. Chris van Heerden
  5. Michael Benadie
  6. Oriol Farinas
  7. Christo Bester
  8. Edmund Brand
  9. Sean Snyman
  10. Hanno van Biljon
  11. Tomas Casat
  12. Roberto Deligios
  13. Hedley Hadlow
  14. Fransesc Pulido
  15. Liyema Gaba 

  1. Jean-Pierre Lieberum
  2. Stephan de Jager
  3. Buhle Nojekwa
  4. Bernat Guilera
  5. Joan Domenech
  6. Felipe Brill
  7. Pol Fonts
  8. Julen Sanchez
  9. Gerard Ginel
  10. Matias Giannetti
  11. David Hinojosa

The referee for the match is Griffon Colby.  He will be assisted by Ben Crouse and DJ Hefer.    

Regulations, as prescribed by the Department of Cooperative Governance and SA Rugby’s “Guidelines for the return of spectators to sport events”, limit spectator numbers in the stadium to 2 000. 

Gates open 1 hour before kick-off and spectators are urged to come early and to note that the following has to be presented to gain entrance to the Toyota Stadium on a matchday:

  • A valid rugby ticket - Tickets are on sale at R100 each at the ticket office in the Toyota Stadium. Please remember to purchase your ticket before match day.
  • A vaccination certificate (the one with the QR code) - All spectators must be fully vaccinated. 
  • ID document or driver’s licence
  • Wear a mask at all times


  • Spectators are requested to arrive early.  Gates open one hour before kick-off and will close one hour after the final whistle.
  • Spectators can gain entrance to the Toyota Stadium from Kingsway or Att Horak Avenue to stadium perimeter parking. (“First come, first served”)
  • There will be one access point with four points of control.  Spectators have to show a valid vaccination certificate, ID, match ticket and have to wear a mask. Spectators without the required documents or without a mask will not be allowed in.
  • Officials will accompany spectators to their reserved seats on the grandstand to maintain social distance.  Suite holders may only use 50% of the venue’s capacity.
  • If a spectator feels ill or shows any of the Covid-19 symptoms, he/she is advised not to come to the stadium.
  • Individuals that are considered high risk or are in close contact with others who are considered high risk should not attend games.
  • Spectators are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizers. 
  • Spectators should be aware that all the risks posed by Covid-19 cannot be eliminated, including attending games as spectators but that essential control measures have been put in place to reduce risks for them. 
  • Spectators should be advised to keep their own record of contacts at a match for potential tracing purposes.  Where practical, all spectators and attendees must download the COVID Alert SA app, for contact tracing in the event of post-event infection.
  • The consumption of alcohol is not allowed.

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