Download the Cheetah App today

Posted on Thursday, 05 Dec 2019

Download the Cheetah App today

Our primary objective with the Cheetahs App is to give you quick access to any information as easily as possible. To achieve this we adopted a policy of 2 clicks, meaning that you can get to almost any area of the App within 2 clicks.

Functions on the Cheetah APP:

My Tickets  

You can easily access your tickets for the games in Toyota Stadium in Bloemfontein and you can share tickets with other people.


CubCoins are the new in-app loyalty currency. You earn CubCoins by visiting certain parts of the App, reading News, playing mini games in the App, and by attending matches.
The CunCoins you earned over the last 30 days are used to Rank you against other supporters and your linked Friends. Become the Cheetahs' #1 supporter or the top Cheetahs supporter among your friends.
You will soon be able to spend your CubCoins in the App. Watch the What's New screen to see when it becomes available.

Attendance Stamps 

At every Currie Cup or Guinness PRO14 match, both Home and Away games, you will receive an unique attendance Stamp for being at the match.
For Home games you will receive 20 CubCoins when you receive your Stamp, and for Away games your will receive 30 CubCoins.

Predict Mini Game 

With the Predict Mini Game you can predict the outcome you expect from the next match by indicating by how many points you think the Cheetahs will win or lose.
You can only predict up to the time when the match starts.
After the match is done, visit the Predict Mini Game again to see how well you did. If you were exactly right, you will earn 20 CubCoins. If you were close you will earn less CubCoins depending on how close your were. If you completely missed it, you will at least earn 1 CubCoin for playing.

Drop Goal Mini Game 

The objective of the Drop Goal mini game is to get as many drop goals over the posts and missing as few as possible.
To kick the ball, drag your finger fast over the ball in an upwards motion and then lift your finger (like flicking a real ball with your finger). By dragging your finger further over the screen, you put more power (distance) into your kick, and by dragging your finger faster, you put more height into your kick. You can alter the direction of the ball by swinging your finger left or right while "kicking".
The ball will travel based on the strength, height, and direction of your kick. 

Daily Quiz 

Test your knowledge about the Cheetahs, Currie Cup, or the Guinness PRO14 in the Daily Quiz.
If you get the answer right, you will receive 10 CubCoins. You can only play the Quiz once a day. 

Earning CubCoins from Referrals 

You can earn CubCoins by asking other Cheetahs supporters to use the App.

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