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Apply for accreditation online.

What is accreditation and who can apply for accreditation?

Anyone who is required to do a specific task or function within a specific time in a specific area in the Stadium on a match day can apply for accreditation.  Accreditation is NOT a seat ticket and only allows the applicant access to the area in which the specific task must be performed.  

Have an ID photo and copy of ID in Jpeg ready and follow the steps to apply for accreditation: 

  1. Click on this link
  2. Register/Login (complete all fields)
  3. Click on Accreditation (top, centre of page)
  4. Click on Maintain Person
  5. Complete the Add a New Person section and click on Add Person
  6. Scroll down to click on the newly added name
  7. Click on Upload Photo and upload photo in Jpeg
  8. Click on Upload ID and upload a copy of ID document in Jpeg
  9. Scroll up and click on Save Changes
  10. Click on Accreditation (top, centre of page)
  11. Click on Accreditation Application
  12. Click on New Application Form
  13. (Drop-off tickets needed is applicable for a delivery vehicle)
  14. Complete all fields and click on Done, Next Step
  15. Click on the Request Ticket block and click on Save Changes
  16. Click on PREVIEW Application
  17. Click on SUBMIT Application
  18. Go to My Ticket History (top, middle of the page)
  19. Click on the underlined code in the far left column to see ticket
  20. Email Tickets / Download Tickets in Pdf
  21. Print and present at the gate for access.